About us

Marche Full Experience

Alessia Brugnoni Tomassini

The founder

It is always difficult to define oneself, I begin to tell you that I studied Fashion Textile design and therefore fashion. Senses like sight and touch have always been important to me, like that invisible sense of good taste. I love style, beauty and creativity. I love to live and for this reason I have always studied and lived in the cities from my 18 years onwards. In Milan I savored inspiration, color and style, which I then deepened in London, living there for a few years. Here I got to know English better and grow a lot on a personal and professional level by working for a well-known brand. I then followed photo shoots for interesting magazines, such as Elle.

In London I felt satisfied and in my career and I actually had the perception that there were possibilities abroad. As they say, there is more meritocracy out there! That’s right, I admit it. But the same desire to dream and the same ambitions that had moved me the first time were now calling me back to my origins, to my roots.

I lacked nothing and yet I decide to return to the Marche, to articulate in my Fermo, with a great desire (and project): to make the Marche known to my international friends.

To reveal something more about me …

In the meantime I had had the opportunity to reflect on the fact that the splendid Marche was not known and valued. Whenever I returned home to the plural region, I observed our views with a mix of melancholy and enchantment.

You know, right? The rolling green hills, the nature that varies between the woods and the countryside, the peace of the mountains, the sea breeze and our good food accompanied by a chosen glass could no longer be hidden from the eyes of the world!

Nice ambition, I know!

Everyone absolutely had to discover, know and rediscover the Marche! Such as? I didn’t know it yet, but I would have put all my knowledge and skills at the service of this vision and mission. This is how my structure was born: it is 2020.

The project, I admit, was certainly born first as a personal challenge precisely to enhance our varied landscapes and all the experiences that they offer us and that we can have.

The right question was coming up… I felt it!

What could I do to make my territory known?

Here it is: the question! An experience is a journey, a path, an emotion imprinted forever in you and I want to accompany you from A to Z on this journey and in every single stage.

My adventure begins which is equivalent to itineraries on local wine, on Campofilone pasta, but also to the possibility of getting moving, sharing excursions and activities. I actually started to create itineraries on a sailing boat, on a Vespa to discover our medieval villages, on an e-bike or on a trip to the Conero to tell you just a few! Coming home was a bit of helping our land to promote itself.

My slogan is live your full experience in the Marche. Marche Full Experience was born for everyone, which does not want to offer just accommodation or an apartment to invite you to stay, but invites you to stay and experience many valuable experiences.

Mine is an assistance and a welcome in language in the Marche region, especially in the Fermo area, even if there is a desire to discover many more places and we are gearing up to do so.

I want to launch an appeal: to stay in the Marche, young people should be helped and supported especially when they want to express their talent and creativity to preserve, improve and promote their territory.

To date, I collaborate with several accommodation facilities in the area, trying a little to act as tights, in fact we have to network and not only think about our small garden. In my vision and mission there is a 360-degree welcome to tourists precisely so that they return satisfied. The person followed in full for any information they need, from routes to activities.

This is why it is necessary to network with love, passion, care and patience. From the producer to the accommodation facilities, we must work in synergy to co-create a positive experience.

Personally, I like the attention to detail from the aesthetic part to that extra attention. I don’t mind the weather, especially in the hot season, when the full passion for tourism overwhelms me even more and I can’t wait to accompany tourists in the magic of the Marche fairytale.

I love the Marches, I believe in the Marches and I believe they are a tourist destination.

We have everything without realizing it …

Yes, because we have a great diversity of particular landscapes and you never get bored here.

I’ll tell you a secret:

I was able to realize all this great project of mine thanks to many collaborations, but also thanks to some childhood friends who supported me.

Such as? We tested the experiences, visited some places and companies and went on small tours to be visited while sipping a good glass.

In fact, the project was essentially born as a food and wine project and I then added various sports experiences such as sailing trips or a Vespa tour to not only eat, but have fun together.

Because? I am more interested in creating emotions, making people experience unique and special moments.

As in London I created outfits for the enhancement of female beauty and to pay homage to the personality of every woman, in Italy I sell emotions and tailor-made moments, customizable for every need and desire.

The creative and organizational part lies in the fact that I build the experience ad personam or for groups. After this year of acquaintance with various figures, structures, tour operators and many collaborations, I have come to make myself known precisely in my characteristic of looking for some particular experience, helping tour operators and other figures to identify something peculiar and spendable for various ages and possibilities.

Now I’m on female-only trips. For example, 10 Israeli women will soon come who will do courses in search of wild herbs and cook them.

Each activity is researched and studied from visiting the farm, to the bike tour, to the snack among the orchards, also suitable for the little ones who want to discover the simple joy of picking fruit from the tree and eating it.

There is nothing that is more essential than discovering contact with nature, with the world of bees or with the earth. The Marches are truly synonymous with clean air, peace, connection and silence, also suitable for yoga or meditation.

Beauty is as authentic as the lavender fields that we can observe and smell together as we approach all the elements.

After all, taking care of nature and taking care of the connection with the other is also love for ourselves, because the world is only one and we can only help us discover it and take care of it. On my journey, which continues unabated, I moved away to return home to the Marche, a region that I love and that I can’t wait to show you with Marche Full Experience!