Farm & horses experience

Nature is our first home and the call to connect with the earth is always strong. This is the perfect experience for those who love to be in contact with nature, with the earth and with animals, for those who want to rediscover the connection with the green and for the curious and curious people recalled by Mother Earth, because for many reasons they do not have ever managed to live it. The experience includes a snack among the orchards, suitable for everyone and exciting for boys and girls. What could be more beautiful than picking a fruit from the plant and savoring it under the sun’s rays? It will be nice to breathe clean and fragrant air while spending a day in a lavender field to discover its beauty, soft color, essential oils and fragrances through sensory paths. You arrive tired, but regenerated after a cheerful day spent on the farm with an aperitif of local products and wine, perhaps at sunset, suitable for families, couples and young people who desire a special aperitif surrounded by greenery and among animals.

Walking Tour throught the woods e Medieval village

Starting from 22 €

Say cheese experience

Starting from 55 €

Tasting under the fruit trees

Starting from 22 €

The path of lavander tour

Starting from 32 €

Happy hour at the farm

Starting from 39 €