Typical food & beverage

The Marches are distinguished by excellent local products, for the cuisine
typically Mediterranean, varied, healthy and with tasty and intense flavors. The Marche also stands out for its vines and good wine… if you come with us we will present you some of the best glasses! This route is for those who love good healthy food and quality wine to discover local flavors, artisan pasta productions such as Campofilone tagliatelle, beer and tastings of excellent carefully selected products. Suitable for families. Each experience rewards the taste buds, but also satisfies the need to know and to know through the many curiosities that will come
revealed to make this experience unique and all-encompassing
food and wine.

Pizza maestro class

Starting from 65 €

Pasta prime class

Starting from 55 €

Marche gold liquid

Starting from 16 €

From our sea to your beach table

Starting from 65 €

Marche gin secret

Starting from 35 €

Journey of ancient flavour and folklore

A partire da 48 €

Marche Wine Tasting Experience

Starting from 35 €

Wine e Pasta tour

Starting from 48 €

Marche craft beer tour

Starting from 48 €